Everyone talks about Bali like it’s a life-changing place, I guess thanks to Eat, Pray, Love, so people come here with huge hopes of having a similar experience. People also have to decide where to stay — Canggu, Seminyak, Ubud, Kuta…

If you’re looking for that and wondering where to stay in Canggu, I recommend you come and stay at Desa Seni, the most famous spot for yoga.

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Where to stay in Canggu: Desa Seni

The property itself is not on the main two walking roads of Canggu so you will want to get a scooter or be okay using Bluebird cabs. Both Canggu and Ubud do not have Uber, while the rest of the island does.

It’s quite famous for both its health food and the yoga, so you’ll see people coming and going who are not staying at the property.

The staff is one of a kind! They are so kind and great you with your names (how do they remember!?). They do a room cleaning in the am and a turndown service in the evening (which is pretty handy because of the mosquito net).

When you’re by the pool, they bring you a towel and cold water. They are really on top of things.

Yoga at Desa Seni

I am not such a yogi, but it’s Bali! You have to do yoga. The classes offered at Desa Seni are actually really famous all over Bali and people know the yoga teachers by name around the island. You have to sign up and there are only so many spaces. If you stay on the property, that puts you at a great advantage.

The Rooms at Desa Seni

Desa means village, so each room is named to be a part of the village. The whole idea is really clever. The rooms are wooden, like cabins, but decorated wonderfully. It’s an eco-luxury vibe for sure.

This is one of the village houses.

It has A/C but no fan. We did request a fan, and they brought us one – mainly because it took some time for the room to cool down. The mosquito net is necessary. We did try to go without tucking it in but got bites pretty quickly.

They gifted these traditional sarongs which is such a nice touch!

The decoration here comes from all over Indonesia, but everything is authentic and most is antique. You can tell it took a lot of time to put this all together.

The Food at Desa Seni

The food is very healthy, just FYI. I think trying this type of food is really hand in hand with doing yoga and getting into the vibes of Bali. My favorite meal by far is the fish tacos! You must order these.

The breakfasts were pretty extravagant as well with the inclusion being that you get the basic breakfast (coffee/tea, juice, bread, fruit platter) and you can choose an a la carte item as well.

For dinner we went with grilled fish, but at lunch it was all about the tacos, salad, and polenta fries. We might be little, but we eat a lot and there was no shortage of food here.

You can also have breakfast in the room at no extra charge. I don’t highly recommend doing this and getting crumbs as little critters might come to the room! But they do come collect the dishes after you are done. It was nice the morning I stayed in to work.

The Spa at Desa Seni

At the spa, I tried the Signature massage. They let you choose the oil fragrance and you go into a very cute little room inside the spa building. I had a perfect massage; no complaints here. The rain shower to top it off was great.

Tia did an hour of chakra healing. She came out feeling very refreshed. This is done with clothes on and there is talking: you explain what’s ailing you and they show you how chakras can help heal you. Since you can get massages everywhere in Bali, I recommend trying something like this at Desa Seni!

How I Dressed in Canggu

I wore all my favorite FARA pieces. They are a brand from Goa that I wear a lot on my travels from Istanbul and Jordan to Florida!

I buy in person here in Goa, but they are on Etsy. I’ll link to the colors I wore, but under different listing on their shop you’ll find all the colors and other products.

  • Yellow culotte trousers
  • Low back purple jumpsuit
  • Fringe mini dress
  • Lana dress open back

Overall, the property is STUNNING. The staff is incredible. The yoga is the best on the island according to many yogis. The food is great, but a little healthy for me. The amenities were over the top, and the location was great if you have a scooter (or don’t mind taking a taxi somewhere). If I go back to Canggu, I’ll stay again here rather than look for another option. You can book directly on their site.

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