I bopped around in Slovenia and stayed at a different hotel every night as I made my way around the country. On this trip, I worked with the Slovenia tourism board and part of our arrangement was that I could choose my lodgings and itinerary on the trip. I did SO much research before going so that I could find the coolest places to stay at. I found lots of unique places to stay in Slovenia and was grateful that the Slovenia tourism board booked me rooms there.

On all “influencer” trips they will, of course, need to give you a hotel room to sleep in, and there is not rule that you have to promote that hotel. You do it only if you want to! So, there were some places that I went to that will not be on this list. You can be assured I am only including places that I really loved.

Here are some seriously unique places to stay in Slovenia!

1. A Treehouse at Garden Village Bled

I’m starting with my favorite, and because it’s my favorite, it will have the most information! Garden Village Bled is gold and I highly recommend splurging out to stay here a couple nights while you are in Lake Bled.

You get to stay in a treehouse! Lake Bled is such a “fairytale” place that it’s perfect to stay up in a treehouse while here.

You can click here to book. Rates are as low as $100 (right now while I’m typing this) but go up to around $250 at peak season. Location: Lake Bled.

As you can see there is a loft upstairs, this photo shows what it looks like if you peek down from below. The next shot is the downstairs. The pool is all natural and there are even ducks floating around in it. The whole place is an eco-resort.

The food was phenomenal! You’ll get a welcome drink and snack. We had dinner here and it was a 3-course meal (pre-selected), which I found very common in Slovenia at restaurants. The tables had grass growing on them!

Sorry for the huge amount of photos. But, I really enjoyed this place. The staff was so kind, the food was delicious, and I have always wanted to stay in a treehouse. It’s a huge bonus that it’s also eco-friendly.

2. Raduha

I adored this place! The design was spot on and the food was the best meal I had in Slovenia. The woman behind it all, Martina, has such an eye for design and did this all herself with all local wood and products like felt which is a huge industry here and sheep skins. They are kind of like treehouses, but not in the actual trees – so I guess huts on stilts?

Raduha is in Luce, and would be if you decide to visit the mountain region, which you should! You can reach them at houseraduha@gmail.com or you can click here to book. Rooms are listed on their site at $200+ per night, but when booking last minute on booking.com I see a rate at just $78.

Each room here is different and designed differently. There is a pool and spa. It’s in a very quaint little village. If you rent a car and drive through Slovenia (which is the best way to get around) then you should totally set this hotel into your itinerary – even if just for the food! They serve food that is basically foraged, fresh from the forest! It’s amazing.

By the way, the beds here are the softest!

3. Kempinski Palace Portoroz

The Kempinski is a 5-star hotel, so you might wonder what makes that unique and I don’t blame you. But, all Kempinski hotels are set up in buildings that have historic meaning, like this one. It is a palace!

The restaurant here is called Sofia because Sofia Loren used to love to come here for late nights out. It’s so classy! You can either stay in the traditional side, or the “modern” side.

I stayed in the traditional side, which I recommend (I saw the modern side). The rooms are all very large here and most have balconies that overlook the sea.

The Kempinski is in Portoroz which is just the village next to Piran. You can walk to Piran if you want from Portoroz, that’s how small it is. Rooms are showing up now at around $180 for a night, which is about average for a Kempinski hotel. You can click here to book.

The breakfast here is INCREDIBLE! I have never seen such a huge 5-star breakfast so give yourself time to eat here in the morning. The whole place has a “palace” vibe, because it IS an old palace – plus it’s the perfect location.

4. Vander Urbani

I did not have a lot of time at Vander. It’s a member of Design Hotels and I think this was my favorite hotel other than the treehouse! I loved the simplistic style.

I love staying at Design Hotels, although they are often smaller and have smaller rooms. Instead of offering space, they offer more in the details.

Vander is in the heart of Ljubljana and has a perfect location. Rooms are online now for $190 per night. You can click here to book. There is a pool on the rooftop.

According to a friend we met in Ljubljana, the restaurant at Vander is one of the most famous in town and offers a lunch deal of a 3-course meal for just 12 euros. We walked by one afternoon when we came back to Ljubljana and saw it packed to the brim. It’s a very popular place!

5. Hotel Slon

Slon means elephant in Slovenian! Doesn’t this room look nice? Now would you be surprised if I told you it was a Best Western!? It is!

I actually requested the tourism board to put me in a Best Western when I could have requested anywhere because this hotel is really cool and partly because when I was researching it I couldn’t believe it was Best Western, as the ones I stayed at in the USA did not look like this.

The hotel is in the heart of the city making it a great location and it’s one of the most popular hotels in Ljubljana, along with Vander. But, if you found Vander too expensive then you might enjoy this hotel.

Rooms here are at $120 right now. You can click here to book. The location is Ljubljana city center.

It’s a 4-star hotel but it was so spacious, clean, and classy I would have thought it was 5-star. It’s really impressive and the rooms are cozy. I stayed here for two nights and was very comfortable! My room was massive.

A few more unique places to stay in Slovenia…

If I had more time in Ljubljana, I would look into Cubo Hotel and Hotel Nox. They are both top hotels in the city center.

  • Hotel Cubo is in this massive historic building and is the priciest on this list at $260. It’s a 5-star hotel.
  • Hotel Nox is a better deal at $130. It’s a boutique hotel with just 24 perfectly designed rooms.

For those of you going up to the mountain region: If you are a family or you are looking for something more long-term with a kitchen you can check out Alpske Sanje which is a whole house (and owner of the cute dog below). Other options would be apartments at Apartma Logarska.

So there we go! These are some unique places to stay in Slovenia, based on weeks of my research before I went! If you know more, tell me about them.

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