The following is a guest post from another travel blogger who found a secret way to travel the next year essentially for free.

If you’re like me, you frequently find yourself reading Rachel’s posts and longing to live a life of travel. I’ve always had a desire to see the world, and I travel quite often.

I’m a travel blogger, but unlike Rachel, I haven’t been to 35 countries. Nor have I gathered the courage to trade my job and apartment for a life as a digital nomad. Until I discovered a tool that will allow me to travel the world for free!

Here I am at the Great Wall of China

Recently I decided to throw caution to the wind, pack a suitcase and travel the world for a year.

First, I should share that I’m not the spontaneous type. You may have gotten that vibe, but I’m a total Type-A Planner.

When I think about a year of travel, two things worry me:

  1. securing a job
  2. find a place to live.

I’ve found a few websites that do exactly that; pair travelers with companies and individuals who hire volunteers and employees in exchange for accommodation.

The Secret Way I’ll Travel for Free This Next Year

After doing a little research I’ve started developing my exit strategy.

I’ve been working remotely for a few years and although I can work from anywhere in the world. I’ve chosen to stay in my comfy, cozy Atlanta apartment.

I’m looking for an opportunity abroad where I can work in exchange for accommodation and still have time for my remote job and sightseeing.

The first place I looked was Hostel Jobs, a free resource that lists available hostel jobs all over the world.

The most common position was Party Planner. The Red Fox Hostel in Budapest is hiring a Party Planner who would be responsible for “hanging around the bar area from around 6:30pm to “awaken” people’s interest in the event of that night… Then encourage people to play drinking games and be sociable and friendly.” It hurts me to say, I’m just not as into partying as I was a few years ago. So I think I’ll have to pass on this one.


Ready for BUDApest 💃

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I did give the job at Yellow Nest Hostel in Barcelona some thought. They’re hiring an Activity Runner to help make and serve brunch Thursday to Sunday and bartend Wednesday to Sunday. That would give me two days each week to explore Spain. They also provide breakfast and a monthly salary of $265. I love cooking and have heard amazing things about Spain, so I’m adding this to my list of maybes.


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Next, I looked for a conscious, eco-chic opportunities. If I were more outdoorsy I’d apply to be an Assistant at Deepdale Backpackers & Camping, an eco-friendly campsite, and hostel in the UK. They say that “backpacking and camping experience isn’t vital” but I’m more than a bit squeamish when it comes to bugs! On the other hand, the

On the other hand, the Casa Loma Minca in Colombia needs a Reception Expert and it sounds and looks incredible! This vegetarian hostel offers yoga, massage and a deeper connection to nature. “We breath in the fresh air from the Sierra Nevada Mountains and bathe in the invigorating fresh cold spring water its snow-capped peaks create”.  Casa Loma Minca has been added to the maybe list.

Although my hard-partying days are behind me, I never said I hardly party! When I found two wine-related positions I had to do a little more digging. The

The Santorini Hostel Caveland is located in an 18th-century winery. It’s now a complex of cave houses and terraces. They need two receptionists to answer phones and emails, organize events and do some light housekeeping in exchange for a bed in a shared room, breakfast, partial health insurance and $600 a month. Santorini is on the top of my Wander List, so I’m applying for this one.


Stop by our reception to meet the volunteers, @abspyke and @shannon.stott ! It’s also where you’ll find our free #breakfast every day from 9-11. #caveland #santorini #Greece #hostel #wowtheyreattractive

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The Wiki Hostel is located in a medieval village just outside of  Rome. It’s unique because it also operates as an Organic Farm and Winery. This is one of the few positions offering volunteer and paid positions along with private accommodations. I plan on applying to this one as well.

How you can travel for free, too (and get paid)

The site with all the opportunities above, Hostel Jobs, is one way.

There are two paid websites that are worth the money.

  • Help Exchange. Help Exchange is great for people who want to Teach or have a skill like Gardening and Cabinet Making.
  • Workaway. I found two interesting opportunities on Workaway. Including accommodation at a beautiful home in Bali in exchange for reviewing Restaurants, Yoga Studios and shooting short marketing videos for a local publication. I’ve always wanted to sail around Croatia and while this position offers a private cabin and bathroom on a yacht. I’m just not sure I could live on a boat for three to four weeks.

I found great ways to visit the most beautiful places in the world for free. I even discovered a few opportunities where I could live for free AND earn money!

I want to thank Rachel for the opportunity to share my story. I also want to thank her for being such an inspiration to me and so many others. Without her posts like 12 Ways to Travel the World for Free and 14 Ways to Earn Abroad , I wouldn’t have even known where to start. You can check out my Blog, Facebook, and Instagram to follow my new journey and get more travel tips. 

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