The Scarabeo (Stone) Camp in Marakesh was a stunning and unforgettable experience that I highly recommend. While most people, even solo female travelers, can do tours to the Moroccan Desert, we didn’t have time if we wanted to relax.

Here’s a look at what Scarabeo Camp Marrakesh can offer and why it’s proximity is so important with getting the Moroccan desert experience closer to Marrakesh, when other camps are 10 hours away.

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How to Get the Moroccan Desert Experience Closer to Marrakesh

When my friend Tia and I recently went to Morocco for 10 days, I planned it out and limited us to just Chefchaouen, Fes, and Marrakesh. I wanted to go to the coast and the Atlas mountains but there wasn’t time if I really wanted to relax.

By the way: the reason these photos look like they are set up for fashion shoot, is because they were! My friend needed photos of her new fashion line for her lookbook so we shot them here.

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I hadn’t considered the desert to be honest. I had been on a camel safari in Jaisalmer, India and in Wadi Rum, Jordan. They were similar experiences although the desert in Wadi Rum was much more red.

I’d just been in the dust of Israel’s Golan Heights and basically, live in red dust in Goa. While I love being in the sand at the beach, I’m not usually stoked to be covered in dust with no water around. Burning Man wouldn’t be for me.

Tia said to me she hadn’t been on a camel or even been to a desert. I was like WHAT!? I would have planned something!

So, last-minute while we were already in Morocco I got us booked in at Scarabeo Camp but just for the day since I already had the hotels booked.

The camp offers transport to and from the city of Marrakesh and it took us just 30 minutes to get there in Douar el Mouilah.

Considering it’s so close to the city it was surprising how middle-of-nowhere it seemed at the camp.

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I think one of the biggest benefits of this camp is the proximity to the city. We didn’t want to take time from our schedule to go to the desert and most camps I found online were about 10 hours outside the city in the Sahara. That’s why I had originally written them off.

The difference between this camp and a Sahara camp

It was such a blessing to get to come to this camp last-minute and just have to give up one of our 5 days in Marrakesh. According to people who’ve been to both, this is nothing compared to the Sahara. This is the desert but not the “true Sahara experience”. If you don’t have two days to use on travel to and from the desert, this is the place for you.

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This camp is at the base of the Atlas Mountains which makes it a really unique desert to see. It was nothing like India or Jordan. I loved seeing the mountains in the background. Because it wasn’t so far in the desert, there were clouds and it was just stunning.

Scarabeo Camp Marrakesh

There are a handful of things to do at the camp including eating delicious Moroccan food, doing 4 wheel trips, riding camels, and of course taking photos! Like the other posts I’ve shared on this Moroccan trip, Tia had brought clothes from her new line for us to wear and get some cool photos in for her Instagram (which I conveniently used for mine, too!)

orange silk dress

They have dune buggies you can ride. They also have Fantasia shows which are Moroccan horse shows. You can do yoga here and get a massage. You do need to book activities ahead of time.

This is a true glamping in Morocco experience and a chic boutique desert camp. I found this place on Instagram and saw so many fashion bloggers and lifestyle bloggers choosing to stay here. It has that “look” to it that just makes you want to visit!

Information on Scarabeo Camp

There are 7 tents and 3 suites on the camp property.

In the tents and suites are “berber” style showers which means they give you a bucket of hot and one of cold water. There are two common showers you can use.

The food here is incredible. Let them know ahead of time dietary needs as there is no kitchen here. They get the food from local families.

You can expect to pay around $200 per night to stay here.

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