I flew in early to Helsinki before I headed up to Oulu, so needed somewhere to go for just a night. I checked into Hotel F6 and wasn’t even planning on writing a review, but after leaving thought wow it was really cool so here is my Hotel F6 review! I only had a few photos because I wasn’t actually planning on writing this. Make sure to click here for rates and availability. 

Hotel F6 Review, Helsinki

Upon check-in, I was given an upgrade since the hotel wasn’t full. I love when hotels do this! The room was really big and there was a note from the hotel dog (how cute is that) with some chocolates. I had just had a long flight, so didn’t even go back downstairs all evening.

I love the wallpaper with trees on it. The whole place was designed really nicely. I found that Finnish design, in particular, is really spot on and they really follow trends like copper and upcycling! I also love the velvet pillow and just bought some myself.

The bathroom was your basic bathroom. Simple and white which is how they should be! The products were nice and the towels and robes were fluffy.

The downstairs are gorgeous and I woke up early to go sit in the lounge area and work on my laptop, whereas normally I like to work in bed. It just had such a nice vibe though. I made some cocoa on their coffee machine and spent a couple of hours working before I had to be back at the airport.

The location of this hotel is awesome and when I came back to Helsinki, I had time to explore more and realized just how perfect this spot was. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to explore while I was here – but did do so when I returned.

The kitchen is open style with a chef making breakfast while you pick what you want. Finns are all about fresh berries, salmon, and tasty muesli. Of course, there is also reindeer meat.

I loved the berry yogurt and after having it here, ended up having it with muesli every morning at every hotel I stayed at, but this one seriously was the best.

This hotel was perfect and I actually have nothing negative to say about it (and they didn’t even ask for this review!).

Highly recommend it. You can book Hotel F6 here. Rates are as low as $175 per night which includes all the fees, taxes, breakfast, and WiFi.

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