Wondering where to go in Bali for a unique experience? You’ll love this glamping experience in Ubud!

Upon checking in at Sandat Glamping, you’re given a welcome drink and left to explore while they get your room key. The main dining area is amazing. It’s all bamboo and the furniture and design are very cool.

It’s all jungle vibes!

The room right above is the yoga shala. It’s really nice. Unfortunately, I only had one morning here and I had other plans (exploring with Duara Travels, which I’ll write about later on). The following am I left, so I missed yoga here. But man, what a kickass place to do it.

The Rooms at Sandat Glamping

Just wait for these rooms…

How amazing are these tents!

I love the circular bed. We stayed in a suite tent and it had a pool outside of it. The rooms are spacious, not just for tents. They are bigger than some boutique hotels I’ve stayed in.

While it’s glamping, it’s definitely more like a hotel than a tent. It has A/C, hot water, a mini fridge, and WiFi.

This awesome guy is showing us a tool that hangs by the door. It makes a strange sound that lets them know we need something. Each tent has a different tool with a different sound.

They don’t come down to the tents without ringing a bell at the top of the path also! I guess this would be because people are skinny dipping! You can definitely hear your neighbors here, and I think our neighbors were on their honeymoon if you know what I mean.

The pool was insane. I really wish I had one more day to spend here so I could just chill at the room. I got to stay in such cool places in Bali, but for the exception of Villa Sungai, I really didn’t get enough time in the rooms.

The water was cold but that’s because the pool is often in the shade.

Food & Spa at Sandat Glamping

Breakfast is a buffet down in the main bamboo room. You can also order more, off the menu. I had yogurt and muesli with some amazing dried fruit they make. I also had the strongest coffee. it was so good, I had two cups.

I also had a massage here. I have to say, it wasn’t the best one I’ve had. The girl was really nice, though. They set it all up in the room and although it wasn’t a deep tissue massage like most Balinese ones I had, it was still very relaxing. The cinnamon burning below the bed was really nice.

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