After my last luggage review, which was for the Mother Lode by Ebags, I got so many comments and messages from people who wanted to buy it. There is a matching backpack so for the sake of “research” I’m testing this baby out for you: the eBags professional slim laptop backpack.

Review of the eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack

I actually wanted to dislike this bag because the last thing I need is luggage AND I didn’t want to take anything else back to India… but alas, this backpack will be traveling with me back to India and just like the Mother Lode, I think Ben’s going to try to steal it.

This is a “personal item”. It is NOT a carry-on luggage although you could use it for that, too. The amount of stuff I got to fit into his little backpack is crazy. Normally, I carry a tote bag as my carry-on because I like how cute they are. I hate how I can never find anything and I hate that it hurts my shoulder, but for the sake of looking like a jet setter, I always carried my tan fringe Etnika bag. It’s time to grow up and travel comfortably, lol. I have too much tech stuff to carry a tote for my big trips.

I’m going to go through the pros and cons of the eBags professional slim laptop backpack (which comes in this size and a smaller size if you really want a “personal item” that’s a tad smaller). It’s an eBags brand which I’ve been using for years. It carries by favorite packing cubes some of my favorite packing cubes and luxe luggage brands like Samsonite and lightweight IT luggage (one of my favorites of all time).

TheeBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack: OMG look how much I fit in this tiny backpack

I laid out enough clothes for a weekend trip to my brother’s house. Basically, four outfits and an extra 143 tee, 3 pairs of shoes: blingy ones from Cocobelle, comfy ones from Reef, and the basic every day Tieks. I had toiletries, one bikini from Peony, bras, undies, and Teeki work out outfits (really thin so easy to take). At first, I thought no way it’ll all fit, especially once I added in my tech items.

Above, are all the tech items I take one every trip. I know, it’s a lot! It usaully is all over in my tote bag, but I was excited to see how it would all look inside this organized backpack.

So, this was all I had to pack. Think I can do it?

This is the larger of the two bags of the same name by them: eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack. It 100% looks like a typical backpack and can be used as a personal item along with a rolling suitcase. So the first thing to note about this bag that is interesting is that it can be carried as a briefcase (I think more for dudes, though) when you want to look professional (assuming this is why it got

So the first thing to note about this bag that is interesting is that it can be carried as a briefcase (I think more for dudes, though) when you want to look professional (assuming this is why it got it’s name!) or you can use the straps. It takes all of 2 seconds to convert it since the straps just slide into the back of the laptop.

The best thing about the bag for me is the organization though since it’s highly unlikely that I’ll carry it as a briefcase. Ben’s in love with the idea this bag can be both, though and he’s probably going to take this! I have to keep my guard up!

There are two larger main compartments one I used for clothing and my laptop as I laid everything flat. If you look at the bottom of the bag there is a hard shell protective circular section that you could put sunglasses, but I put my lens. Because of this, that cuts into space in the middle compartment. The middle compartment then has that at the bottom and a flat removable (held on by velcro) shelf of sorts. So, it worked out well to put shoes above that and stack them! I put my toiletries on top of that, then in the inside slider pocket, I put my tablet and Kindle.

Now for the best part of all! I swear, it was so fun to try and see what all I could fit on this. My tech items are a lot more bulky than they look.

Once I got it all added, it wouldn’t close. Womp womp! Well, that’s what I get trying to fit an entire weekend of clothing with 3 pairs of shoes and all my blogging stuff into one backpack.

In the end, I took the headphones out of th top front pocket and one pair of shoes and it closed. Which actually, I would have worn one pair anyways and had my headphones around my neck! 

After it was all done, I realized there was a secret pocket I hadn’t even found! OMG! So, it fit a tablet or Kindle perfectly. I put in the Kindle and thought how perfect that would be since while I’m traveling, I read at all downtime and can just pull it out easy peasy.

So, no this isn’t as cute as my leather tote bag, but I can’t pretend like this wouldn’t make my life 1000% easier and more organized. So, although I’m hesitant to give up my tote, I will be using this on the way back to India and will probably be so excited to have everything organized. Just being able to open that front pocket and seeing everything in its place is like crack to me! lol! So, if you see me at the airport, yeah I’ll have a plain black backpack but it’ll be so organized… be weird and ask to look inside haha!

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