While I’ve already written a post about my favorite stylish luggage, I have yet to write a post on my absolute favorite and most reliable brand. In this Delsey luggage review, I’m going to go through why I love mine so much, where to buy, and examples of the different styles you can choose from.

Delsey Luggage Review

8 Reasons Why I Love Delsey Luggage

  1.  Durability

    I’ve had my larger Delsey for 6 years and the smaller one for 5 years. They are STILL in perfect condition and I don’t just fly from state to state, I fly HUGE journeys like Columbus>NYC>London>Mumbai>Goa a couple times a year and am always doing huge trips like that where they luggage is getting beat up. I can’t even imagine how many flights these bags have been on with me.

  2. Can expand up to two inches

    Both the bags mentioned expand, two inches each (the Helium collection). This still keeps them small enough that the 25 inch doesn’t look bulky at all and the 19-inch rolling bag looks smaller than people around you in line but is actually bigger! This has saved me on so many occasions. I always pack as if the bags can’t expand so that if I shop, I have space when I need it. I did this on my last trip to Jaipur and added in 5 5×7 rugs that weigh around 7 KG without issue.

  3. 10 years to Lifetime warranty

    The luggage has various warranties starting at two years, but the majority of their luggage is 10 years or lifetime warranty whether you buy it at Macy’s or TJ Maxx. I haven’t had issues with mine (fingers crossed) so I haven’t had to try to use the warranty.

  4. 3 Different handles *Note the one on the bottom?

    The handles are amazing on this bag and even with a full 50-pound bag, I can pick it up so easily with the way the handles are places, especially of the belt. I have never had issues with the handle getting jammed or the handles breaking. They are really cool – they’re held on by these wires that are kind of bendy and it means you can really be a little rougher with this luggage.

  5. The incredible organization (pockets, laptop, etc)

    I have so many pieces of luggage from some of the top brands like Raden and IT Luggage but I always reach for my Delsey bag – it’s SO organized. The large 25 inch one is split with one side zipping closed to keep your shoes, toiletries, and whatever else in place while the other side has clips to keep your clothes flat (I use packed cubes to keep it even more organized). The 19-inch rolling bag splits exactly the same way and the way it’s built, the extendable handlebars that go down in the bag (on all luggage) are not in the way here and take up no space from your luggage. Then on top of that, there is a laptop bit that unzips and you can slide in your PC. It’s basically been unbeatable in terms of FITTING SO MUCH in and staying organized compared to probably 20 luggage brands I’ve tried.

  6. 360 wheels

    Rolling these wheels over London’s cobbled streets, Morocco’s paths, and India’s alleyways – the wheels have never come loose or acted up. I have put them through a lot. They are “spinners” so that means you can roll it on all four wheels rather than lean it and roll it on two wheels. This makes the wheels a little more stable. It also makes it easier to get around with and not make you feel the weight of the bag. The handles extend the same height from the different sized bags so I even push them both with one hand and have taken another peice of checked luggage that I can push with another hand.

  7. Securitech zip for maximum protection

    The zipper is some kind of fancy waterproofing and nothing can get in it. It’s like a rubber texture.

  8. French design

    It looks good! I have a grey set because it was the first luggage I ever bought so I wanted it to be something I wouldn’t grow tired of – and actually grey was a good option and this light color stands out on the belt.

Where to Buy Delsey Luggage

I would say to compare prices. There are so many places that have Delsey so try to buy it at one that you see a sale running. I got mine from Macy’s – I got it on sale and used my mom’s Macy’s card to get an extra discount on it. Ebags runs good deals as well and of course Amazon is always legit! But you can check below to see which has the cheapest price right now.

  • Amazon
  • Century 21
  • Dillards
  • Ebags
  • JCPenney
  • Kohls
  • Macy’s
  • Nordstrom Rack
  • Overstock
  • Selfridges
  • YOOX
  • Zappos

Check out all the different styles below

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