Ben and I heard about Cavo Olympo from his brother who had stayed there a year prior but when I searched best boutique hotels in this area of Greece, it was actually the only good option that came up! It’s definitely ahead of the game here. In this Cavo Olympo review, I’ll share photos of the property and deets about the spa, pools, and food.

Cavo Olympo Review: the best (and only) luxury boutique hotel in Plaka, Greece

The rooms are spacious and have a lot of light coming in. The bathroom is also really large with a bathtub/jacuzzi. Amenities like toiletries and robes are all there. There is a mini-fridge and everything is chargeable inside, including bottled water.

My room was a junior suite and had a balcony. You can see the suite below has a private pool. The views from the rooms are spectacular. We got a sea-facing room and I’m not sure what the price difference is, but it’s worth getting one!

Check room rates and availibility here.

My dress & leather jacket are from Sancerre, in Bali (but sold online)

There are multiple pools and bars in Cavo Olympo, including one massive infinity pool. You’ll want to get out there early if you want a seat at one of the prime sunbeds set out on the infinity pool lounge (or do what I did and come later, like 4 pm when people start to go to their rooms).

Gym, Spa, and Food

There is a full gym and spa in the hotel. The spa has an indoor pool, steam room, sauna, massage rooms, and nail salon. I got my nails done while I was here and it was reasonably priced at $25 euro. I normally don’t splurge on that (since it’s so affordable in India) but I hate chipped nails when I travel.

You can book “half-board” and get breakfast and dinner buffets included in the rate. While I’m normally not down for even 5-star buffets, Greek buffets are SO good. I recommend trying the dinner buffet at least one night because then you can try so many different Greek dishes and see what you like best- that way you aren’t always ordering gyros when you go to restaurants!

Dinner had salads, casseroles and stews, a grilled meat section, and appetizer section and desserts. All the classic Greek stuff you would want is there. Wine was pretty cheap; I think I paid about 6 euro a glass.

I chose to have breakfast in bed rather than go down to the buffet (mainly to get this picture lol) and because breakfast in bed is the best! The breakfast is insane and this is a little bit of everything that is offered at the buffet. The granola has chocolate chips in it!

We went to the local beaches a lot here, but had dinner at the hotel every night and spent a lot of time by the pool. I was reading I Am Pilgrim here which is the best book I’ve read all year. FYI the water is FREEZING in May; we swam anyway!

The coverup is also from Sancerre!

When you order drinks by the pool, they’ll give you olives and chips to go with it. Something salty so you can keep drinking, lol.

There is a beach below which you could see from the rooms but there is not a “beach” perse, it’s rocky below. It’s nice to walk down to it and see, but you can’t swim or lay out down here. 

Luckily Plaka beach is two minutes away along with beautiful beach restaurants and bars. I loved this area and this is by far the best hotel around!

The hotel is beautiful and I’m definitely going to end up staying here again! You can click here to see room rates and availabilities. Enjoy your stay!

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