Best boutique hotels in Tel Aviv are not lacking, that’s for sure. There are so many options that it was hard narrowing this list down. I was personally at 6 of the 10 on this list and the other 4 were recommended and told about to me by friends who’ve stayed. There are a couple more I don’t know much about except they are top ranked: The Rothschild (super famous, but not sure if it’s “boutique”) and the Yam Hotel which is the #1 hotel in Tel Aviv but I didn’t get a chance to check it out (looks amazing though).

Best Boutique Hotels in Tel Aviv

1. The White Villa Hotel


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Rooms here are bright, white, and spacious. They have a contemporary design and are each unique. “Set in a 1940’s Le Corbusier inspired house, this thoughtfully restored White Villa has preserved its intimacy of the private residence it once was.” This is an architectural icon in Tel Aviv.

Rate: between $200-$300 USD

Address: 25 Ben Zion Bl 28607

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2. The Norman


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You can’t read about luxury travel in Tel Aviv without coming across The Norman. Even on my recent flight to Latvia, there was an article on Tel Aviv that mentioned it. The rooftop pool is pretty killer, but I also noticed how packed the restuarant was. It’s “in the very heart of the White City, a UNESCO World Heritage icon of buildings in the Bauhaus architectural style”.

Rate: between $450-$1500 USD, plus the penthouse for which you can inquire price

Address: Nakhmani St 23-25, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6579441

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3. The Poli House

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these two photos via Matanya Tausig. 

That time we were all supposed to jump in, and Trish jumped IN. Glad those reactions were caught on camera! The Poli House is boutique but not in that “fancy schmachy” way and I really enjoyed it there. “Housed in a meticulously restored Bauhaus architecture-style building, The Poli House boasts 40 city-savvy rooms and suites created exclusively by world-renowned designer and starchitect Karim Rashid.” It’s colorful and futuristic.

Price: Between $200-$300

Address: Nahalat Binyamin St 1, Tel Aviv-Yafo

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4. Market House Hotel

This is an Atlas Hotel, who also are the owners of another on this list called Cinema Hotel (below). It contains the archeological remains of a Byzantine Chapel, and you can see this through the glass floor in the lobby. Influenced by Jaffa, it’s a work of art in itself. There are 44 rooms and many overlook the market.

Price: Around $250

Address: Beit Eshel St 5, Tel Aviv-Yafo

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5. Cinema Hotel


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The other Atlas Hotel on this list was another original Bauhaus style building and was an actual movie theatre, so they kept that theme with original projectors and movie posters. You can watch classic movies and eat popcorn in the lobby. The nostalgia makes this place pretty cool if you’re looking for something unique.

Price: Between $160-$240

Address: Zamenhoff Street 1, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 64373

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6. Cucu Hotel

The Cucu hotel was a very cool place to stay, and is the most affordable boutique hotel on this list. One reason being, I would imagine, is that the rooms are smaller than the other hotels. Their rooms are “Creative. Quirky. Unique. Individualized. They make you feel special when you go to bed, and put a smile on your face when you wake up.” There are little quirky touches everywhere, for example the elevator that is a photo booth. On a budget and want a cute hotel with an awesome cafe to chill at? This is your place.

Price: Around $150

Address:Dizengoff St 83, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Izraēla

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7. 65 Hotel

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A fellow Atlas hotel, we had our VIBE end of trip cocktail party here. The rooftop was awesome. It’s stylish, urban, just near the beach. The views from the rooms are awesome and it’s a really high building, so ask for a top room!

Price: Around $250

Address: Rothschild Blvd 65, Tel Aviv-Yafo

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More Boutique hotel options (I didn’t have time to check out, but think you’ll want to know about!)

8. Brown Beach House


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This hotel just won an award for best designed hotel in Tel Aviv. It’s got a retro design and is on the beach, as you might have guessed. There aren’t many small hotels on the beach (mostly big chains). There are 40 rooms and suites that have private sundecks.

Price: Between $250-$600

Address:Ha-Yarkon St 64, Tel Aviv-Yaf

Click here to Brown Beach House

9. Diaghilev Live Art Boutique Hotel


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The place is named after a famous Russian art critic: “Diaghilev has worked, inspired, supported and collaborated with an astonishing number of influential individuals from all fields of creation such as: Coco Chanel, Picasso, Matisse…” They have huge rooms, according to a friend of mine. There art is often changing at the hotel. In 2015 they got the top hotel in Israel award from TripAdvisor.

Price: Between $150-$250

Address: 56מזא”ה, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6578906

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10. Rothschild 22


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This is a new boutique business hotel. “This hotel has been meticulously designed by Ari Shaltiel  – among the Israel’s leading designer – and seamlessly integrates a modern and elegant style with a pastoral boulevard” Israel is on their game when it comes to design!

Price: Around $150

Address:Rothschild Blvd 22, Tel Aviv-Yafo

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