I really wasn’t going to review my hotel in Udaipur in detail but decided after my stay that I would: 1) because it’s my new favorite hotel in ALL OF INDIA 2) because I had SO many photos to share 3) because they have varied room rates making it affordable for pretty much everyone 4) because when I searched best boutique hotel in Udaipur with lake views, Google came up EMPTY and I had to search long and hard to find this perfect hotel plus ask a lot of people for advice- so I hope this article will save people a lot of time searching.

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Jagat Niwas is the Best Boutique Hotel in Udaipur with Lake Views

Bold statement when I haven’t stayed in them all, I know! But I’ve been to Udaipur twice, looked inside many Havelis for research, and feel confident that this hotel will overdeliver on what you expect from it. I think Jagat Niwas Palace is one of the best hotels in Udaipur, even better than some five-stars because of its 17th-century charm and the incredibly friendly and helpful staff.

I spent a few days before this trip searching for the best hotels in Udaipur with a view of the lake and wasn’t really focusing on price, but was searching for both boutique and budget hotels in Udaipur near Lake Pichola. Basically, in heritage places like this, I like to stay in classic old havelis instead of 5-stars. It’s very similar to staying in Riads in Morocco rather than a 5-star hotel; you’re just going to get more charm which is really the point of it all!

After looking at photos of Jagat Niwas and reading reviews, I knew it was the place for me! The first night the room I wanted wasn’t available so I actually got to stay in two rooms at different price points so can share a little about both.

The Rooms and Rates at Jagat Niwas

One of the main reasons this hotel is so perfect for travelers is that the rooms and prices vary a lot and they INCLUDE breakfast – yay!

  • If you have a decent budget you can take the Jagat Suite for 12,500 Rs ($191 USD) and be completely spoiled like a princess with the amenities or even the Heritage suite which is pretty killer for 6,250 Rs ($95 USD) also lake-facing with the cute little sitting area built into the wall over the lake.
  • If you are a mid-range traveler then you can look into the Heritage rooms that are non-lake-facing but super cute and larger for 4550 Rs ($69 USD) but really if you coming then I think you should just splurge for the lake-facing one for $95 bucks!
  • If you are a budget traveler, this can be the the place you splurge at on your India trip and don’t pay 500 Rs for a room – it’s definitely the place to do it. It’s the most beautiful city in India and you can get the cheapest standard non-lake facing room for 2,999 ($46 which is a steal especially if you are splitting with a friend)

CLICK HERE to check room availability and read more reviews!

Here are some images from the Jagat Suite which is just so beautiful! I will be staying here again for sure. The WHOLE freaking bathroom is marble and the window glass is the same as it was in the 17th century. You feel like you have gone back in time here.

yes, I’m wearing a swimming suit! 

The Staff at Jagat Niwas Udaipur

The people running this place are what really make it special. I met the mother/son who own it and was sure to tell them how happy we were with our stay.

In India, hospitality is a funny thing because in some ways (at grocery stores or public offices) there is NONE but in hotels, it’s always above and beyond in India and this staff was even more so, probably the best hotel staff I’ve encountered. Like if I opened a hotel in India, I’d steal them away from Jagat Niwas lol! Jk!

From bringing us tea in the evenings to helping me find a place to get a micro SD card last-minute for my GoPro they were always helpful and happy.

The Jagat Niwas Palace Restaurant

The restaurant is so popular you need to make a reservation as outside guests come here for the view and yummy food at sunset. The tandoori dishes are amazing (tried malai chicken tikka and mutton seekh kebab) and the dal baati (traditional Rajasthani dish) is really tasty. The breakfast you get for free is basic with eggs, toast, beans, tomato, tea, coffee, fruit, etc. You can also order pancakes and such a la carte if you want to pay for it.

The Boat Tour is the Cherry on Top!

Their boat tour is to DIE FOR and 1000x better than the crowded budget one I did years ago. Touring the lake around Lake Palace is kind of the “thing to do” and I thought it was okay when I first did it… but nothing to write home about. This time is different!

The boat is insane – mirrored ceilings, jewel-toned loungers and pillows, kind staff to help, and of course snacks and coconuts! We chose to go at sunset and high tea but you can go early morning for breakfast or even dinner in the moonlight. We actually had some of my friend Tia’s clothing from her new collection to shoot for, so we even did an outfit change on board lol, they have a little private room!

Book it now with this link and pin the best boutique hotel in Udaipur with lake views for later:

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